Massage Types

Why We Differ from Other Massage Salons

Skilled Masseurs

All of our massage therapy gurus, male and female, have all gone through harsh trainings in their career and excel at all massaging techniques imaginable!

Range of Massage Types

Our Chicago salon features the most diverse and universally fit list of massage types. From intensive sports massage all the way to pre and post natal, or full body…

Fair Costs

Something good should not always be unattainably priced… We aim to bring the balance to our quality/cost ratio, making it affordable for all citizens of Chicago!

Massage Types:

With years of experience, we’ve figured out that these six types of massage are the most popular ones among our customer base and the most efficient at getting your tension off and making you happy:

Head Massage

Our head massage focuses entirely on the scalp and head which are areas often overlooked by contemporary massage but may well be the most important parts of the body to receive massage.

Sports Massage

Try sports massage if you have a specific problem like a tender knee from running, chronic pain or a restricted range of motion as our therapists focus on the problem area to ensure maximum benefit.

Thai Massage

Thai massage uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle or joint tension and balance the body’s energy systems.

Hot Stones Therapy

Hot stone massage was designed as a special kind of revitalizing technique. This type of massage sees the therapist using slick and pre-heated stones as an extension of their own hands.

Aromatherapy Massage

t's a fun fact to know, that the reason why aromatherapy is such a relaxing and joyful experience, is because human nostrils are attached to a part of the brain called the limbic system.

Pre & Post Natal Massages

On the other hand, massages during pregnancy (pre-natal massages) and the post-natal ones have often received dual reception both from the health community regarding their safety and from women.

Ask a masseur!

Before you actually sign up for either of our truly outstanding massage services, there might be a chance that you would like to ask our masseurs some extra questions.


    While approaching each individual client we always priorly assess, what will be the best massage experience for him or her at the given moment:
    * An intense, fast and re-charging massages like “Sports” or “Revitalizing” ?
    * Or perhaps a smooth, relaxing, taking all troubles away massages type, which can be easily found within our “Swedish full body massage”; “Deep Tissue Massage” or “Aromatherapy” ?
    * The extravagant and fun-spirited “Hot Stones Therapy” or “Sticks & Stones” one?
    * Also keep in mind, that we have 2 separate massages for both pregnant and post-natal women…